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Membership in this organization is offered on two levels for qualified individuals.

"Members" in this organization shall consist of all who evidence a desire to support the activities of the organization, who work in the New England states and are duly employed by a Bank, Credit Union or Credit Grantor, said Credit Grantor being defined as an entity which issues credit as duly regulated under the Equal Opportunity Credit Act or the like,including but not limited to Retail Credit Grantors and Commercial Credit Grantors who so qualify, and which employees are duly authorized to represent their employer as a Member.

"Associate Members" in this organization shall be opened to those Credit Industry-oriented businesses which have evidenced a desire to support the by-laws and activitiesof the association and are duly authorized to represent their respective employers as a an Associate Member.

All Applications for membership in the organization shall be submitted to the President and/or Secretary. The Executive Committee after review shall make their recommendation concerning said membership to the general membership present at any regular and duly constituted meeting. This majority vote of the general membership present shal laccept or reject said application for said membership. Applicants must be recommended by an existing member.


Membership Application      Membership Renewal

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